bugBritish Uro-oncology Group

BUG-BAUN 2015 Presentations

First line therapy: agonist or antagonist
» Lawrence Drudge-Coates (PDF 1.5Mb)
The role of chemotherapy as first line treatment
» Simon Crabb (PDF 1.4Mb)
First line treatment for metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC)
» Heather Payne (PDF 1.4Mb)
Treatment after docetaxel chemotherapy for mCRPC
» Amit Bahl (PDF 1.2Mb)
Bone targeted agents
» Danish Mazhar (PDF 2.4Mb)
Setting up a nurse led clinic
» Vanessa Basketter (PDF 1Mb)
Challenges for the uro-oncologist CNS in the management of advanced disease
» Lisa White (PDF 178Kb)
Castration-based therapy
» Louisa Fleure (PDF 1.3Mb)