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14th BUG Annual Meeting

Submission of Abstracts - Guidance

Accepted Abstracts will be submitted for publication in Clinical Oncology

Registrar Authors are invited to submit abstracts for acceptance for oral and poster presentation at the 14th BUG Annual Meeting, 15-16th September 2017, Crowne Plaza Newcastle – Stephenson Quarter, NE1 3SA

Please note that abstract submissions are open to career Registrars in oncology or urology ONLY. This individual needs to be the lead/presenting author and is required to attend the BUG Annual Meeting. Please DO NOT submit an abstract if you know you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting.

BUG encourages submission of original Registrar-driven research projects and those with adequate data to assess the results and interpret the conclusions.

Every abstract should be reviewed by a Consultant in advance of submission. The Consultant should also be asked to help prepare the Registrar in advance for any oral presentation to be conducted at the Annual Meeting.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is midnight Sunday 23rd July 2017. Please do not post or fax your abstract - it can only be submitted electronically via the form below.

Those Registrar authors invited to present their abstract for oral or poster presentation will be required to register and attend the BUG Annual Meeting and registration and payment is required by the registration deadline of Thursday 31st August 2017. Please do not submit an abstract if you know you will be unable to attend the Annual Meeting in person.

BUG does not accept abstracts that have been published or presented elsewhere in advance of the Annual Meeting. Please declare relevant information about any other submissions of the same abstract.


All submitted abstracts will be assessed by the Review Panel who will accept abstracts for poster display at the BUG Annual Meeting on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th September. There is no limit on the number of abstracts being accepted for poster but only three of the accepted abstracts will be selected for oral presentation as well.

All authors will be advised on whether their abstract has been accepted for oral and/or poster presentation by Sunday 13th August 2017.

All correspondence will be with the submitting author.

Preparing the Abstract

Abstract submissions should NOT include scientific tables, symbols or diagrams and should not exceed 300 words (excluding references).

The content should be arranged STRICTLY under the following headings: PURPOSE - METHODS - RESULTS – CONCLUSION

The results should contain adequate data to assess the results and interpret the conclusions.

References should be identified in the text using square brackets, and numbered and listed consecutively at the end of the paper in the order in which they are first cited in the text. Within reason, the word count excludes the references listed. The Vancouver style is used. (Author(s) – Family name and initials. Title of article. Title of journal – abbreviated publication year, month, day (month & day only if available); volume (issue):pages)

Presentation Format

Oral presentations Each presentation will be strictly timed to eight minutes with two further minutes for discussion. All presentations must be delivered in English. The PowerPoint presentation should be sent to the BUG Secretariat ([email protected]) in advance of the Annual Meeting by Sunday 10th September 2017.

Posters Posters must be A0 (84cm x 120cm), portrait style.
Registrars are responsible for producing their posters and bringing them/putting them up at the meeting by the start of the meeting on Friday 15th September.

Citable Publication

Accepted abstracts will be submitted for publication in Clinical Oncology. Abstracts will not be edited and will be published as received.

Critical Dates 2017

Sunday 23rd July 2017 Closing date for submission of abstracts
Sunday 13th August 2017 Authors advised of acceptance or otherwise
Thursday 31st August 2017 Author Annual Meeting registration deadline
Sunday 10th September 2017 Deadline to send any PowerPoint presentations to the BUG Secretariat for those selected as Oral & Presentations
Friday 15th/Saturday 16th September 2017 14th BUG Annual Meeting

Abstract Submission

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